Golds Gym Electric Treadmill Gg480: Personal Trainer In A Box

Need a brand new electric treadmill? Golds gym gg480 is more than a quality treadmill for less than $500. This exercise machine comes with 8 workouts specially designed by a personal trainer to maximize results. Four of these programs are for weight loss; this all-in-one package includes the two 1 pound weights. The other four programs tone muscles and build endurance. People tired of a sedentary life style and want the freedom of a home do-it-yourself program will love this compact machine.

The Golds Gym Electric Treadmill Gg480

This treadmill only weighhs 155 pounds and handles 300 pounds of weight without pausing. The 18” by 50” running surface is cushioned by the patented AirStride Plus cushioning which allows longer workouts with less joint impact. Featuring both a 10 percent incline and a 10 mile per hour speed, people start slow and change the tempo at a touch of the screen. A blue-tinted display shows everything, including heart rate. Special grips let users track this vital statistic.

The motor is powerful with a 2.5 THP rating. THP means the highest output level. A cooling fan makes long, sweaty work-out periods more comfortable while the handy compartments hold water, IPods and hand weights. To protect the floor, a six piece puzzle mat set comes in the package.


Buyers overwhelming love this treadmill and the exercises. Wal-Mart has over 750 customer responses with 90 per cent of the buyers willing to refer the Golds gym gg480 to friends. Even Consumer Search and contributor, Jeff Wilson rate this product as the best treadmill under $500. The quick change interface for speed and incline got the most raves with the variety of workout programs coming in a close second. Combining the versatility of the program, space saving feature and attractive design, this easily fits in a bedroom, family room or a corner of the living room.


Although this product works well for people walking or lightly jogging, serious runners need something else. The display screen is on the small size and hard to read for some people. However, the biggest problem was assembly. The unit comes in a box. Whether the buyer picks up this product or has it delivered to the front door, the 6 foot long box is heavy and awkward for one person to move. Assembling the machine is easier with two people

With the best price, Golds gym gg480 is a perfect way for people to get healthy in the privacy and convenience of their own homes. This affordable treadmill has 8 specially designed programs. Whether individuals want to just get in shape or also reduce weight, they have instant aid at the touch of a screen. The personal trainer who designed this process helps buyers get fast results. Unfortunately from what I know, the production of this particular model of Golds Gym electric treadmill seems to have been discontinued. An electric treadmill which I would recommend which is similar in price and function, would be the latest 2012 model of the Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill as well as the Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill, which are both treadmills below the price of $700. If you are interested to find out more, do click the pictures below. In addition, you might want to check out the other treadmills reviewed in my blog, which includes the Sole F80 Electric Treadmill or the Horizon Fitness T91 Electric Treadmill. These are all very good electric treadmills.

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